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Packing 101: A Q&A with Classic Six’s Diana LoMonaco

February 26, 2019

Meet Diana LoMonaco, designer of the 6-piece capsule collection, Classic Six. She set out to solve the problem faced by many busy urbanites who love fashion, but hate to shop. Every season, Classic Six will be helping you edit your closet by bringing you 6 timeless pieces essential for any wardrobe, styled to create a months worth of looks. Not basics. Classics. Today, she is helping us to…

Beauty Lifestyle

VI Peel

February 15, 2019

I had been feeling my skin was a bit lackluster lately – dull, uneven in both texture and pigmentation – and I was itching (no pun intended, I’ll get to that later!) to do something to change that. Should I do laser, a peel, or something else I did’t even know about?! I went to my Dermatologist, Dr. Maryann Mikhail at Spring Street Dermatology, and she she suggested…

General Interiors Lifestyle

How To: Gallery Wall

May 15, 2018

A gallery wall is one of my favorite ways to fill wall space, whether the space be large or small.  If you have more basic furniture, this really could be the area that you let your creativity and aesthetic shine!  But the bigger the wall, the more challenging it is to get it right.  Below are my tips on doing just that!  Pick A Theme When starting out,…


Move that Body

February 27, 2018

My very first job as a teenager was working at a gym, which came along with a free membership and no excuse not to take advantage of that.  I mean I was already there, which is at least half the battle, right?!  The days of not paying for my workouts are definitely over (I could certainly go broke on NYC fitness classes alone!) but my love of all…