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Duster Brown

November 2, 2018

Transitional months pose all sorts of sartorial challenges – it’s Fall, but one day it feels more like summer and the next it’s freezing.  And the temperature swings within one day can be extreme too!  But these months also provide an opportunity to wear pieces that are difficult to wear at any other time of the year.  One of these is the duster cardigan.  Unless it’s super lightweight, these are way too hot and cumbersome in the summer.  And in the dead of winter, finding a coat that works over a duster sweater isn’t easy, not to mention that’s a lot of layers around your legs to walk in!  But in Spring and Fall the duster sweater is the perfect piece of outerwear!  If it’s really warm like today, throw it on over a tank top or t-shirt, push up the sleeves and you’re good to go!  When it’s a little cooler, go for a heavier version and pair it with a thin turtleneck.  You can belt it (or button it, if it has them) or leave it loose and open.  Bonus: it doubles as a blanket when traveling!  I’ve rounded up my favorites below, happy shopping loves!