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March 23, 2018

One of the “negative” traits of a Gemini is that we can be very indecisive.  And just as it can be quite tough for me to choose a restaurant for dinner, I often find it tough deciding what to wear each morning.  But mixing prints is like the best of both worlds – I can wear both the striped sweater and the floral skirt!  But of course, it takes some skill to pull it off and not look like a toddler who got to choose her own outfit!  Below are the guidelines I (generally) follow when mixing prints.

  1. Stick with prints in the same color family or make sure there is a color that is continuous in both top and bottom pieces.

  2. Keep the print the same but change up the color of each piece.

  3. Keep the print in the same color family but vary the scale of the print.

  4. Keep the print and the colors the same, but invert the colors of the print.

  5. Pair any print with leopard!  Think of leopard a neutral.  A leopard sweater with a pair of plaid pants or a leopard jacket with a floral dress is so chic!

  6. And finally, as with all fashion “rules”, sometimes they are meant to be broken!!  Sometimes going against the grain just works…so go with your gut and let your personality shine through!

    Which is your favorite combo?  Comment below!  (Mine is definitely #1…or #2…or #6…because as you know, I can never really choose!!!)