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V-Day Style 365

February 9, 2019

So here’s the thing about Valentine’s Day…it could be any day! Do we really need an excuse to go out with our significant other, to get together with a girlfriend or to have a self care night at home? NO! So while this post is timed with the holiday, I think every month should be the month of love! We should wear heart-adorned sweats in November; we should wear a lace bodysuit and sparkly pumps on a Tuesday night; we should most certainly light a candle, do a mask and rose quartz roll our face at least once a week! This post includes a couple of my new favorite items which I currently own or have rented, outfits that I would wear on any special occasion and lingerie that I definitely don’t think should be saved for one day of the year! Which look is your favorite?

Unreal Fur Coat

Galantine’s Workout

Dinner and Drinks – Jeans

Dinner and Drinks – Dress

When you’d rather stay home

After Hours